When you rent an apartment, you are normally not allowed to make structural changes at all to your space without getting the consent of the landlord, and that’s something which may not be on your side mostly. Finding space for an extra bedroom in the apartment might not prove to be too difficult as it may appear; repurposing your available space as well creating different kinds of dividers for providing privacy will need only little ingenuity.

It is not necessary for the bedroom of your apartments in Richardson tx to have a standard sized bed. Find out the space in the room which can now be used to serve some different purpose. Add the kind of bed which will best fit in that space. Take an unconventional approach – you might not be willing to have standard bed incorporated in your dual-purpose space. Think about convertible furniture items – futons, Murphy beds, foldout chairs or couches. Your home office can be rearranged for accommodating the futon. Bring in some hideaway bed for your sewing room. A big walk-in closet can be transformed into just one small bedroom having convertible chair.

In order to enhance the storage options, you can use dividing wall for adding a wardrobe. In such a case, beds should be placed on bedroom’s opposite walls. Think about adding tall dressers or bookcases in middle for dividing the space. Add some additional storage options to your rental apartments, if you need, with the help of freestanding wardrobes.

It is always a good idea to make “mirror image” bedrooms and you can do this by placing 2 beds confronting each other in room’s center. Upholster a 4×8 ft plywood sheet on each side and put it between the two beds so that it can serve as the tall headboard. Drill the legs of the bed for making holes and then attach to plywood on either side. The process should be repeated with a couple of dressers as well. Use mounting brackets or broad tape for attaching a couple of plywood pieces together. Pictures or light mirrors can be hung right above these dressers after covering and stabilizing the plywood. This way you will be able to make an 8×8 ft wall.

In order to create an unconventional bedroom space, think about tenting any oddly shaped areas. You can turn your attic or loft space into your sleeping area just by hanging the tenting material all around your bed and you can have the option of opening and closing it for privacy purposes.

Only a couple of walls are needed for adding a bedroom. If you are allowed by the landlord then you can make permanent changes to the structure of the apartment. Here you will have to tear out the current walls and/or frame the new walls. New walls can be framed for dividing the current space; the walls should be covered with the help of drywall, after which you can paint it.